Born to Perform

For children aged 8 - 11 yrs (Grade 3 - 6 in 2019)

Date - Wednesday 2nd October
Time - 9.00am - 3.00pm

What we do
An action-packed full day workshop focusing on dance and creativity. Sure to cure the last week of the holiday blues!

What to bring
Just energy, enthusiasm and a water bottle and morning tea and lunch. Breaks will be fully supervised by our Studio teachers

Do parents stay and watch
Unfortunately not for our holiday programs. We’ll invite you back at the end of the day a little early to watch a small showing of what the students have worked on!

How much Does the workshop cost?
$80 for the full day

How do I book
Click the button below to go to our online enrolment.
If you are a current family at The Studio click on ‘Existing Students’ if you are new to The Studio click on ‘New Students’
Simply complete the enrolment form selecting the holiday program you would like, and an invoice will be sent to you